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13 maj, 2014 - 10:38 -- ulf.gustavsson

Hej alla i klubben!

Det har visat sig att det finns ett stort behov av svenska översättare i Kanada. Så om det är någon som är intresserad av detta så kan man höra av sig Sayuri Tsuruta ( direkt så får man mer information.

Här under finns lite mer information om vad det är man söker efter.

When we invite freelance translators to apply to register with us, we cannot promise any specific work since it all depends on our clients' need.  But just to give you an idea, since Swedish is an official language of the EU, when Canada signs an agreement with EU, we are often asked to verify the Swedish translation of the agreement, which is usually negotiated based on the English text.  Usually EU language translations are done in their respective countries, but Canada wants to make sure the translations accurately reflect the meaning and the spirit of the original English text.  So we need good native speaker translators/reviewers, but for some languages, they are hard to find.
Sayuri Tsuruta
Translation Bureau

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